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You are invited to come and experience a short term program or utilize our education consulting services which will benefit you for a life time.

Are you considering coming to America for just a few weeks before making that ultimate decision of studying here full time? Or are you already in America but would like to spend part of your holiday break with fellow students? Come to one of our short term educational programs. In these programs, you can expect all around personal growth, learn some cross cultural tools you’ll need for future success in the global economy.

Have you decided to come study in an American school full time, but don’t know how to select the right school? Or that you need professional help in your application? Let us advise you as your consultant. Let us hold your hand and walk you through the maze of school selection and the competitive application process.

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New Program Announcement

Blue Sky has announced a  series of programs – Summer in New York:

  • “American Local Camp”  – a two week program in July. Kids in this program will join a local camp with American kids, learn to speak English, do activities together and have fun. They will get to tour New York city.
  • “Girls Sleep Away Camp”  –  a three week program for teenage girls in a beautiful natural setting. Older girls get to sleep in tents.
  • American Culture for teens”   – a four week program in July and August. The focus is on public speaking capabilities. With many different activities, this has been a favored program by participants.



Blue Sky Offers

Educational consulting services to match students with American schools and guardianship services to help international students in the United States


Summer and winter English educational programs: ESL, finance, accounting


One-to-one English conversation lessons with real teachers in America




Find a suitable American school with our advice and support


Come experience the friendly culture


Learn online in the comfort of your own room