Our Testimonials

“I have been very impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of Blue Sky’s services. It enables me to experience an American family and a wonderful high school. The schools Blue Sky offered are various and outstanding. Home stay family is warm and welcoming. They made me felt truly a part of them. I really appreciate it.”

 — Jiujun (George) Gan


“Nyack is a traditional C&MA college. The spiritual atmosphere is very good and it has had a long history. The number of students is not many, but it thus provides a good environment for students to get to know each other. Most students here are Christians, there is a great sense of overall acceptance and inclusion. Here one can see the integration of multiple cultures. There are students from many countries with different cultural backgrounds. The college has many activities. If one wants to participate, the calendar is always full. If a student has an open heart, it will be easier to integrate into the campus life. I have been here for only one semester. But so far, I really like the close relationship among students. Mei gave me a lot of help in the application process and was very responsible. She helped smooth out some glitches in communications. She followed through the entire process without charging me any fee. I am grateful I have had the opportunity to come student in Nyack College and am grateful for all of aunt Mei’s help!”

– Renee Zhu


“Not only did all planned (winter camp) activities got carried out, the Program Director Mei Han actually arranged extra activities to help me realize my wish.”“In the process of dealing with Mei Han and her husband, I have observed that they cared for my son so well and treated him like their own.”

– Nancy Geng


“Our host family is very friendly. They spent a lot of time with us and made us very happy.”“My English improved during the two weeks. I speak more fluently.”“Sports activity I liked the most:skating, on real ice! I’ll go again if there’s another opportunity”

– Sundy Wang


“About the American culture, what I’ve experienced here is truly very different from what I had heard before coming. Two points impressed me the most:

1. The Americans live in harmony with the nature. Blue sky and white cloud, New York’s streets, Campus lawn, little squirrels are everywhere. Before coming, I thought American was a modern country, there must be high riser buildings, steel and cement structures everywhere. It’s only after coming here that I realized the great tall trees are very old in age. Compared to what I’m used to see in China, where everything was new, even the trees were newly planted, trees and buildings in America give me the sense of long history, rustic look, and stability.

2. The Americans show care, respect and trust in everyday dealings with each other. When we took a photo with the host family, their smiles were genuine and pure. Relatively speaking, I was too heavy hearted. When we circled around and can’t find our way, police came to us and offered help! When we asked for direction in New York city, a person would stop and search for a map on his cell phone to show us the way. Sometimes, they’ll come back to you again to tell you something they forgot to mention. When talking to Americans, they would say “Excuse me” even for yarning. Their care for others is exhibited in everything.

“I am very happy to recommend the program to others for three reasons:

1. The Program Director is very responsible.

2. America has many resources which can give Chinese people some inspiration and help. But this needs people who know both cultures to discover and to guide. Mei Han with her wide range of life experiences, and the love she has to help others, can be such a bridge.

3. Students from China need to broaden their scope. Blue Sky Educational Services can provide such a wonderful opportunity.”

– Nancy Geng


Siena College: overall I like it here, whether it’s academic or daily living. On the academics, if a student’s English foundation is good, it is reasonable to handle the workload of five courses. I have registered in four courses: Computer Science 110, Freshmen Seminar 110, Academic Writing, Econ 102. There’s a long gap on Mondays and Fridays. If there were another course, time would have been better utilized.

Econ and ES are two very good courses, academic strength is high. It takes a long time to process for beginners. Freshmen Seminar trains us team work, I think. It’s not hard but there are many team projects. We need to spend much time to communicate to our team members, to coordinate time. Four professors are very responsible and responsive; they will arrange time to answer questions even if it’s outside of their office hours.

Daily living, Siena’s food service is worth the money, and the quality of food is good. Even if one is on diet, there are plenty of choices of food. The college provides Asian food sometimes. Dorm space is a little small. Other than that, there are many activities, such as Brazil holiday and Chinese New Year celebration. In addition, I have joined a racquetball team, if time allows, I plan to join crossfit.

– Joseph Wang